Annual Reports

The purpose of annual reports is to be able to follow up with how far CAMYOSFOP has been involved in the culture of peace and in what domains, institutions, and activities she has been involved. These give us a true image of how the organization has been evolving till date. The following Annual Reports are put here for the audience to study and understand the role of CAMYOSFOP in the lives of the Cameroonian and African Youth as well as the youth worldwide through their exchange programmes.

These reports include:

  1. CAMYOSFOP Annual Report 2013
  2. CAMYOSFOP Action Plan for 2014 2015
  3. Report workshop on CNYC
  4. Report workshop agric & Vocational Training
  5. Report on youth, unemployment & migration
  6. Reviewing the Monterrey Consensus
  7. CSO Contributes to Africa-1
  8. CFA Zone and African Competitiveness
  9. Africa UNiTE Good Practices – Feb 16, 2015
  10. Report on Prepcom CSP1 Addis and Geneva
  11. Report on engaging children and youth on biodiversity
  12. Report on Community_Company Dispute from Lom_Pangar Hydropower project
  13. Report of Workshop on Vision 2015
  15. Report Mt Febe Climb on EVAWGs
  16. Report Climate Change Wkshop
  17. Rapport final Forum ALPC au Cameroun par CEEAC 2014 TZ
  18. Rapport Atelier de formation sur ALPC
  19. Final Report on Info Session on Kinshasa Convention.
  20. Final Report HR Education
  21.  Camyosfop Annual Report for 2016
  22.  Camyosfop Annual Report for 2017