Corporate Structure


  • General Assembly;
  • Board of Directors;
  • Executive Committee;

Criteria for Membership:

  • Membership is open to all Cameroonians and foreign youths.
  • The decision to become a member must be voluntary.
  • The candidate must be prepared and ready to promote the ideas of CAMYOSFOP.
  • The candidate must not have a particular political, religious or ethnic leaning.
  • Membership must not be for profit or remuneration.
  • The candidate must manifest his/her desire by the payment of the registration fee.
  • He/she must be ready to abide to the guiding principles of CAMYOSFOP.

Categories of Members:

  • Active Members:  Duly registered members
  • Associate members:

Members of clubs in schools, or interested youth, students or

Members of the Public

  • Honorary members:

Eminent personalities invited by CAMYOSFOP.