Promoting Exemplary National Figures

Promoting Exemplary National Figures

CAMYOSFOP believes that a culture of peace through the promotion of moral and traditional values can also be achieved by show casing some of our national figures that could be considered as models for the youth to emulate. Some of Cameroon’s renowned national figures are: Former President Ahmadou Ahidjo, Former Vice President and Prime Minister of Cameroon, Dr John Ngu Foncha, Former Speaker of the National Assembly, the right Hon. Solomon Tadeng Muna and FONKA Shang Lawrence, architects of Cameroon’s independence such as: EML Endeley, UM Nyobe, Martin Paul Samba etc.


To realize this dream of promoting exemplary national figures since 2004 CAMYOSFOP is working on the publication of a manual on the legacy of late Dr Nsokika Bernard Fonlon. Fonlon happened to have been one of the first bilingual Cameroonians who facilitated translation and interpretation between President Ahidjo and Foncha during the reunification negotiations in early 1960s. He is also the translator of the Cameroon national anthem from French to English and since then the English version has remain same while the French version has been revised on several occasions. He is also the founder of the Pilot centre for the promotion of bilingualism and the cultural outlook magazine, ABBIA. Dr Fonlon is therefore an example to be emulated by the Cameroonian youth.


The proposed Content for the Manual on the Legacy of Dr. Bernard Nsokika Fonlon:

(This content is subject to amendments)


  1. Preface


  1. Foreword


  • Acknowledgment


Chapter One: Introduction.


Chapter Two: Biography of Fonlon.


Chapter Three: Unfinished works of Fonlon (Pathfinder by Fonlon).


Chapter Four: Testimonies by the contemporaries of Fonlon.


Chapter Five: Write ups/speeches/poems etc by friends and admirers of Fonlon.


Chapter Six: Conclusion.


Progress made so far on the manual:


Since 2005 when the 19th anniversary of the demise of Fonlon was commemorated with a goal of publishing a manual on his legacy, work has slowed down on this initiative. Apart from chapters one and six, much has been accomplished in chapters, two to five that form the core of this manual.


Concerning chapter two, Francis Wache, Executive Editor of The Post Newspaper promised in 2005 to collect publications by Fonlon and on Fonlon in a bid to write his biography


On chapter three, CAMYOSFOP is in the process of collecting The Pathfinder Manuscript from the Saint Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary in Bambui. Once the manuscript is collected it will be re-edited.


AS for chapter four, CAMYOSFOP with the support of late Mr Tallah William have already conducted a series of interviews with some contemporaries of Fonlon. Those interviewed are:


  • His Eminence. Christian Cardinal Tumi;
  • His Grace, Paul Verdzekov, Archbishop Emeritus of Bamenda (RIP);
  • Professor Victor Anomah Ngu (RIP);
  • Vincent T. Lainjo (RIP);
  • Emmanuel T. Ebge (RIP);
  • Kenjo Jumbam (RIP);
  • Sanki Maimo (RIP);
  • Jean Jipguep;
  • Emerencia Fonlon;


We hope to conduct more interviews with other contemporaries of Fonlon before the end of 2016. These interviews will also be edited into audio CDs that will be used for fund raising to support the publication of the manual.


In chapter five, write-ups by friends and admirers of Fonlon including some of the presentations that were made during the commemoration of the 18th and 19th anniversaries of the passing of Fonlon in 2004 and 2005 have been preserved. We will do well to contact the authors of the presentations that are not in our possession. These presentations that shall form the flesh of this chapter include:


  • The keynote address of Christian Cardinal Tumi during the commemoration of the 19th anniversary.
  • The keynote address of H.E. Henry Tumi Kibuh (Former Minister of Water, Mines and Energy), during the commemoration of the 18 anniversary.
  • Professor Daniel N. Lantum’s presentation title Review of Fonlon: An intellectual in politics, during the commemoration of the 18th anniversary.
  • Dr. Innocent Focha’s: ‘Fonlon as a nation builder: ABBIA as an instrument for national unity,’ presented during the commemoration of the 18th anniversary.
  • Professor Godfrey Tangwa’s: ‘Fonlon: The Philosopher,’ presented during the 18 anniversary.
  • Bate Bessong’s (RIP): ‘The Bernard Fonlon revolution: If gold should rust what will iron do.’ Presented during the 19th anniversary of the passing away of Prof. Fonlon.
  • Francis Wache’s: Dr. Bernard Nsokika Fonlon: In memoriam (1924 – 1986): A student remembers the Master. Presented during the 19th anniversary of the passing away of Prof. Fonlon.
  • Taniform Peter Ngwa: ‘Prof Bernard Nsokika Fonlon: The inspirer.’ Presented during the 19th anniversary of the passing away of Prof. Fonlon.
  • His Grace Archbishop Paul Verdzekov: ‘Bernard Nsokika Fonlon: Twenty years passed already.’ Presented during the 20th anniversary of the passing away of Prof. Fonlon.
  • Martin Jumbam: ‘Bernard Nsokika Fonlon: Six Years After.’
  • Eugine Ngalim’s speech on the celebration of the 19th anniversary of the passing away of Fonlon.
  • Tallah William’s speech on the celebration of the 19th anniversary of the passing away of Fonlon.


CAMYOSFOP welcomes whoever is interested being part of this project.


For details about Fonlon, log on / www.martinjumbam,net