Human Rights Education

Human Rights Education in Secondary Schools


Since 2006 the human rights component of peace education has become the most renowned program thanks to the Assisting Communities Together (ACT) small grant by the UN High Commissioner’s Office for Human Rights. The funding permitted CAMYOSFOP to train teachers and students of the above peace clubs on human rights education, in line with the full implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human rights and the decade of human rights education. 5 teachers and 10 students from each of the above schools were therefore trained on the notions of human rights and the implementation of Universal Declaration of Human rights, giving a total of 30 teachers and 60 students trained. The specificity of this program is that participants are students of junior classes, that is, Forms 1 to 3 of the ages of about 10 – 15 years. The reason for working with these set of students is because they have a longer life span in their schools than the senior students, thus one could be sure of the sustainability of the clubs even when the funding has ended.


In 2009/2010, CAMYOSFOP received another funding from the Democracy and Human Rights Fund of the Embassy of the United States of America in Cameroon to train human rights teacher coordinators and pilot members of human rights clubs and the creation of human rights clubs in 10 secondary schools in Yaounde. 50 teachers and 100 students from the 10 selected schools were trained under this funding. It is estimated that the multiplier effect of the activities of the clubs touched at least 1000 students in the 10 secondary schools. The 10 secondary schools selected for this project are:

  1. Lycée Général Leclerc;
  2. Lycée Bilingue de Yaoundé, Essos;
  3. Lycée Bilingue d’Etoug-Ebe;
  4. Lycée Bilingue d’Application de Yaoundé ;
  5. Lycée de Nkoldongo, Yaoundé.
  6. Mario Complex Academy;
  7. English High School, Yaoundé;
  8. Collège de la Retraite de Yaoundé;
  9. Christian Comprehensive Secondary School Etoudi;
  10. Mevick Bilingual Grammar School, Etoug-Ebe.


In 2012/2013, CAMYOSFOP received another round of funding from the Democracy and Human Rights Fund of the Embassy of the United States of America in Cameroon to trained more teachers and students and create 20 human rights clubs in Yaounde. A total of 200 students and 40 teachers were trained. Following the activities organized in the various campuses the multiplier effect is expected to reach at least 2000 students in the 20 secondary schools. The 20 secondary schools selected for the project are:

  1. Lycée le Clerk
  2. Lycée Bilingue de Yaoundé
  3. Lycée Bilingue d’Etoug-Ebe
  4. Lycée Bilingue d’Application
  5. Lycée Bilingue de Nkol-Eton
  6. Lycée de Nkoldongo
  7. Lycée de Biyem-Assi
  8. Lycée d’Anguissa
  9. Lycée d’Elig-Essono
  10. Lycée Technique Charles Atangana
  11. CETI de Ngoa-Ekelle
  12. Collège de la Retraite
  13. College Montesquieu
  14. Amity College International
  15. Mario Complex Academy, Mendong
  16. English High School (EHS), Obili
  17. Christian Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS), Nkolbong
  18. Mervick Bilingual Grammar School
  19. Holy Infant Secondary School, Melen
  20. Oxford Secondary School, Bisquiterie


Apart from training teachers and students on human rights and creating human rights clubs, CAMYOSFOP in partnership with the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF) since 2009 started a Human Rights Essay Award where each year an essay competition is organized and the best 3 Essays are awarded on the occasion of the Human Rights Day, commemorated on December 10. The prizes during the past editions of the competition have been trophies and cash prizes ranging from 100.000FCFA, 60.000 FCFA and 40.000 FCFA respectively for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best essays.


For details log on Resources templates for reports:

  1. 2007 Assisting Communities Together final report
  2. 2010 final report on Human Rights Education with 10 Secondary schools in Yaounde
  3. 2013 final report on Human Rights Education with 20 secondary schools in Yaounde