Finance for Development Process

CAMYOSFOP and the Financing for Development Process

CAMYOSFOP became a key stakeholder on the Financing for Development (FfD) thanks to the Africa Development Interchange Network (ADIN) that has the FfD as one of its major programs. It is therefore on this basis that CAMYOSFOP became the deputy coordinator of the Global Social and Economic Group (GSEC) for Cameroon that is headed by ADIN. Equally, in 2014 CAMYOSFOP became a pioneer member of the Civil Society Partnership Development Effectiveness (CPDE) Youth Sector. The Executive Director of CAMYOSFOP, Mr Ngalim Eugine Nyuydine alongside Cordellia Sikosana, Public Relations Officer of the National Association of Youth Organizations (NAYO) for Zimbabwe is both the African Coordinators for the network. At the global level CAMYOSFOP is also a member of Post MDG sector and in Cameroon she is a core member of the national CPDE.

Just like the African Union concept on FfD which is about domestic resource mobilization, CAMYOSFOP also believes that the best way of improving on our financing is by alternative means through domestic resource mobilization such as toll gates, airport tax, packing tax etc.

Over the years, CAMYOSFOP has been involved in the various processes of financing for development especially in reviewing and pushing for the role of the civil society in the implementation of the Monterey consensus on FfD, the Paris Declaration on Aids Effectiveness, the Accra Declaration on Aids Effectiveness, the outcome of the Doha Review Conference on FfD, the outcome of the Busan High Level Conference on FfD and finally the second High Level Conference on FfD held in Addis Ababa in July 2015 to pave the way for the Sustainable Development Goals.


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