CAMYOSFOP is founded on the principle of volunteerism and as such has been at the forefront of promoting volunteerism within Cameroon and beyond. Almost all CAMYOSFOP staff begins as volunteers and over the years CAMYOSFOP keep recruiting volunteers that handle diverse tasks within the organization. Because of CAMYOSFOP experience in the domain of volunteerism, she was consulted by the African Union Commission to contribute to the setting up of the Africa Union Youth Volunteer Corps that came into place in 2010. Since then, a number of CAMYOSFOP staff has participated in the training and activities of this program. Those who have benefited from the program include:

Kwalah Vera Murring, former Gender Empowerment Officer of CAMYOSFOP. She took part in the very first training of the program in 2010. Since then she has participated in number of the AU activities including elections monitoring missions in over 8 countries in Africa

Bari Fanso Bongnyuy, Programs Officer of CAMYOSFOP. Participated in the training program in 2011 and in 2012 she was deployed by the AU as the Youth Liaison Officer of the US Mission to AU for one year. Later on she was again deployed in Japan for four months by the AU to work in one of the rural areas devastated by earth quake and Tsunami.

Paschal Chem Langhee, Press and Information Secretary of CAMYOSFOP. Participated in the training in 2012 and was later deployed by the AU to the Communication Unit of the Peace and Security Department. He now works for the Communication Unit of the AU.

CAMYOSFOP keeps encouraging youths to take up volunteerism as a vocation as the benefits of volunteering especially in the long run are enormous.

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