African Youth Forum for Peace (AYFP)

 Africa Youth Forum for Peace (AYFP)

The African Youth Forum for Peace (AYFP) which is a Pan – African Organization initiated in 2004 by NGALIM Eugine Nyuydine has been at the forefront of youth development and the promotion of peace in Africa. Members of AYFP hold high level positions in their countries and have been involved in almost every process on youth development in their countries and in Africa as a whole.

Genesis of AYFP:

The AYFP is the outcome of the efforts of the United Nations and the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) in mobilising African Youths around the themes of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), through the various Pan – African Youth Leadership Summits organised in Dakar – Senegal from June 27 – 30, 2004; Ifrane – Morocco from August 18 – 23, 2005; and the Global Youth Leadership Summit held in New York from October 28 – 31, 2006. The organization formerly came into existence on December 1, 2008 when it was officially launched in Yaounde. The organization is a response to the numerous conflicts plaguing the continent of Africa.

During the First Pan African Youth Leadership Summit held in Dakar – Senegal, the Cameroon Youths and Students Forum for Peace (CAMYOSFOP), under the leadership of Ngalim Eugine Nyuydine pioneered the creation of this network with the following Youth Leaders present in the Summit: Felicien Boussola from Central Africa Republic; Hauwa Umar from Nigeria; Angela Salvatory Damas from Tanzania; and Yohannes Mezgebe from Ethiopia. During the past years this group of young people have been enlarged by other young people on the continent actively involved in youth development. AYFP is a Pan African youth civil society organization of African youths who have stood the test of times in youth initiatives and peace building.

AYFP seeks to:

  • Mobilise and co-ordinate youth initiatives on peace and the future of Africa;
  • Promote the vision and goals of African Union;
  • Provide training on leadership, conflict prevention, management and resolution;
  • Play major roles in addressing and managing conflicts in Africa;
  • Promote the attainment of international agenda such as: The MDGs; World Program of Action for Youths (WPAY); the African Youth Charter; UN Program of Action to Prevent, Combat and eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in all its aspects (UNPoA); New Partnership for Africa Development (NEPAD) etc.

Structure of AYFP:

Board of Directors;

The Board of Directors is the policy making organ of AYFP. It members are selected from countries in the five regions of Africa including the Diaspora:

Advisory Board;

The Advisory Board is an advisory organ of AYFP. The Advisory Board advices the Board of Directors on the policies formulated for AYFP and also facilitate fund raising for AYFP.  Members of the Advisory Board are selected eminent personalities who are ready to promote the ideals of AYFP where ever they are.


The secretariat handles the day to day management of the vision of AYFP. The secretariat is staffed by a competent personnel appointed by the Board of Directors.

Head Quarters: Yaounde-Cameroon. Tel: 00237 77 32 93 61. Email:

Pioneer Board Members of African Youth Forum for Peace (AYFP)

Ngalim Eugine Nyuydine (Cameroonian)

Board Chairman

Executive Director of Cameroon Youths and Students Forum for Peace (CAMYOSFOP)

Cameroon’s Representative to the African Union, Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) and Chairperson of the Peace and Security Cluster for ECOSOCC

Former Commissioner – National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF), Cameroon

Josephine Alabi (Nigerian)

Peace and Conflict Management Officer and West Africa Regional Coordinator.

Executive Director – Keen and Care Initiative, Nigeria

Former Vice President of Nigerian Youth Parliament

Hauwa Umar (Nigerian)

Diaspora Coordinator – America

Founder – Nigerian Youths for the MDGs

Consultant – UN Environmental Programme (New York)

Francis T. Ayunifor (Cameroonian)

Diaspora Coordinator – Europe

Consultant-Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Patience Fule Buang Elango (Cameroonian)

Public Relations Officer – Elections Cameroon (ELECAM).

Programme for the launch of the African Youth Forum for Peace (AYFP), Yaounde, December 1 – 2, 2008.

Day I: Sunday, November 30.

  • Arrival of international participants

Day II: Monday, December 1.

10 – 2pm. Working sessions by the Board of Directors of AYFP

7.30 – 9.30pm.  Gala evening to launch AYFP at Djeuga Palace Hotel, Yaounde

Programme for gala evening.

6 – 7pm. Arrival of Invitees

7 – 7.30pm.  Arrival of special guests

7.30pm. Start of the ceremony

  • Introduction of MCs
  • A presentation on: The role of the youth in the AU – ECOSOCC in the preservation of Peace in Africa. By Alfred Sigudhla, Chairman of SAYM/Youth Rep. in AU-ECOSOCC.   
  • A statement on: The importance of peaceful conflict resolution in armed conflict situations (The case of Cameroon and Nigeria over the Bakassi Peninsular). By Prof. Verkijika G. Fanso, Former Member of Cameroon/Nigeria Boundary Commission.
  • A Statement on: African Youth Charter, National Youth Policies and National Youth Councils as instruments for youth participation in peace-building. By Dr. Fanidji, Acting Representative of UNFPA, Cameroon
  • Musical Interlude by Richard Kings
  • Testimony on: Youth involvement in policy making. By Felicien Boussola, Chairman of Jeunesse Centrafricaine pour l’Africaine/Member of Parliament, Central African Republic (RCA)
  • A statement on the impact of armed conflicts on African youth and children: The role of the legislature in regulating these conflicts. By Hon. Rose Makia Abunaw, Vice President of National Assembly, Cameroon.
  • Presentation of the concept of African Youth Forum for Peace (AYFP)
  • A word by Ngalim Eugine Nyuydine, Executive Director of CAMYOSFOP and Founder of AYFP
  • Musical Interlude by SILVER
  • Reflections on the role of the African youth in peace-building. By Barrister Akere Muna, Chairman of AU- ECOSOCC
  • Official launching speech of AYFP by H.E. Adoum Garoua, Minister of Youth Affairs
  • Vote of thanks by Josephine Alabi, Executive Director of Keen and Care Initiative, Abuja – Nigeria

9.30pm. End of ceremony

Day II: Tuesday, December 2.

Audiences by the Board of AYFP with the following Authorities

  • H.E. Adoum Garoua, Minister of Youth Affairs
  • Barrister Akere Muna, Chairman of AU-ECOSOCC
  • H.E. Selby S. Ripinga, South African High Commissioner to Cameroon
  • H.E. Chief Ephraim Inoni, Prime Minister and Head of Government

Departure of participants

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