Peace Education

Peace Education:


CAMYOSFOP tentacles in the promotion of peace started in 1999 when she joint the Peace to the City Network, an initiative of the World Council of Churches that was spearheaded in Cameroon by the Ecumenical Service for Peace (SeP). The Peace to the City Network was aimed at bringing peace through initiatives like campaigning against war toys and inculcating a culture of peace to people of the world living in cities. CAMYOSFOP’S role in this campaign was leading the campaign within the youth milieu especially through her mission of promoting moral and traditional values within the youth.


By 2001 the very first peace clubs were created in Mervik Bilingual Grammar School, Etug-Ebe; English High School, Obili; Government Bilingual High School, Etug-Ebe; Government Bilingual Practicing High School, Yaounde; Government Bilingual High School, Essos – Yaounde; Christian Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkolbong-Yaounde and Central Comprehensive Institute, Messa-Yaounde. Activities for this program implemented in schools includes: debates, role plays, journalistic reports, paintings, singing, poetry recitation, essay competition, documentaries, quizzes, drama and dance. In the early days of the creation of the clubs, the above activities were focused on CAMYOSFOP vision of promoting moral and traditional values.


Considering that HIV/AIDS that has become a major epidemic and moral issue in Cameroon, activities in the clubs were later directed towards the campaign against HIV/AIDS especially with the support of the National AIDS Control Committee, the International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF) and Dor Shalom.