To kick-start the implementation of the CAMYOSFOP/UN Women Project on the fight against the stigmatization of HIV/AIDS amid the covid-19 within the Mbororo, Pygmy, youth and women living with HIV/AIDS in the East, Littoral, West and South West regions of Cameroon to run from August to December 2020, CAMYOSFOP organized an inception meeting with community leaders from the Mbororo and Pygmy Communities in Bertoua on August 27th 2020. The objective of the meeting was to present the upcoming project activities, its objectives, roles and responsibilities of community leaders, and request feedback and advice on how best to engage the broader community in the implementation process.

 The presentation of this project provided an opportunity for community leaders to have a better understanding of the project activities and their role in the implementation process. The meeting that was attended by seven leaders including five men and two women mapped out a strategy on the effective implementation of the project in record time.

Mr NGALIM Eugine Nyuydine, Executive Director of CAMYOSFOP during the project presentation

At the end of the meeting, both community leaders expressed their satisfaction with the project activities and pledged to mobilize members of their respective communities to actively engage in the implementation process.

The following leaders expressed their impression about the project in the following words:

I am very happy that this type of project will be implemented in my community considering that people still see my community as backward. The project will be very beneficial to my community because there is still a lot of stigmatization regarding HIV/AIDS. I will start mobilizing my community members to actively participate in this upcoming project. (Angou Jean Marie, Baka Community)

This is a very good project. We are excited to have this project in the Mbororo Community and I think the micro projects will go a long way to support Women and girls living with of HIV/AIDS amid the Covid 19 within my community. We will do everything possible to ensure that all activities are successfully implemented. (Djamilatou Manou, Mbororo Community)

The meeting ended with the distribution of COVID-19 protective kits from UN Women to leaders of both communities.  

Written by:

Suwun Rita Beri and Amaa Francisca Tamako

The PDF Copy can be downloaded HERE

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